Project Management

Pangea’s Construction and Project Management Division has established itself as a reliable company in the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream sectors. Our projects are always embraced with a disciplined approach that is focused on safety, cost/budget and schedule control, and the delivery of project results.

Our philosophy on safety is simple: Safety will never be compromised to achieve results. Understanding and embracing the belief that one lapse in judgment can lead to tragic events, the safety of our employees on our job sites always comes first.

Projects are delivered under a Project Team scheme and at its core is our own supervision and highly qualified resources, supplemented as necessary by specialist subcontractors – all under the control and oversight of our Project Managers.

Pangea’s services range from development of capital project strategies, procurement services, construction management, interface management, schedule and budget oversight, safety programs, and our quality and economical planning for any project.

Construction Services

Pangea’s Project Management and Construction division has established itself as a reliable company in the fields of civil, commercial, and industrial construction to assist in the planning, direction, coordination, and active execution of activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of related structures and facilities.

Our scope of work includes engineering, fabrication, cutting, welding, cleaning, painting, quality control (QC), examination, and testing. Continuous value is added through an active participation in the conceptual development, cost driven plan and strategy to organize construction projects, pricing, procurement, cost estimates, scheduling, the implementation approach and construction opportunities, such as:

  • Assisting with the on-site production of goods
  • Building and maintaining physical assets
  • Building Foundations
  • Coordinate Vendors and schedule third party suppliers
  • Commercial construction and remodeling
  • Manufacturing
  • Civil Construction
  • Commercial Retail Renovation
  • Framing (Metal / Structural)
  • Industrial Construction
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Painting/ Sandblasting
  • Residential construction and remodeling
  • Structure and building exteriors
  • Structural improvements
  • Site preparation and development

Interface Management

Given the significance of human involvement in most operations, it is important that interactions between people be managed and carefully coordinated to avoid misunderstandings and lack of effective communication / information. Studies have demonstrated that a significant portion of organizational issues or dysfunctions stem from a lack of proper Interface Management. Furthermore, it also doesn’t take much research to uncover several noteworthy incidents in the past decade that demonstrate the need to ensure a consistent high quality exchange of information between teams and individuals. Interface Management is a key component of effective leadership in any organization.

Pangea’s approach will be risk based and tailored by considering the company’s culture, organization, objectives, history, and resources. This tailored risk-based approach must meet the primary criteria of recognizing those situations or activities that might expose the client to unwanted potential impacts in safety, cost, schedule and quality.

  • Creating a stakeholder map.
  • Managing the stakeholders’ requirements and ensuring full alignment.
  • Reviewing project scope of work, strategies, execution plan, constructing sequence and work breakdown structure.
  • Coordination of interfaces with active parties such as partners, contractors and sub-contractors, marine warranty service agencies, hook-up & commissioning agencies, and construction coordination.
  • Expediting engineering deliverables.
  • Assisting on the designation of teams.
  • Organizing video and tele-conferences, interface meetings, etc.
  • Monitoring status of interface agreements across project and provide regular updates to Project Managers when appropriate.
  • Routinely inform senior management of project status and all developments that impact cost, schedule, safety and reputation through regular reports.
  • Participating in finalization of sub-contracts.
  • Monitoring project schedules in terms of current and new requirements.
  • Ensuring new requirements are included in the project schedule and are being executed.
  • Coordinating the interaction of cross-project team members and decision makers by ensuring proper, timely and effective engagement/communication.

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