Pangea operates with a strong focus on service excellence, commitment to drive productivity, performance, and cost optimization, while understanding the link between growth, efficiencies and value in the upstream (exploration and production) business environment. We are offering ways to mitigate downtime reduction and promote production optimization, focusing on doing more with less.

  • Platform and Rig Construction
  • Process Modules
  • Drilling Modules
  • Utility Modules
  • Living Quarters
  • Jackets Fabrication and Installation
  • Production Skids
  • Onsite Fabrication
  • Subsea Components, PLET, PLEM, Manifolds, Welded Control systems
  • Installation & Decommissioning of Facilities
  • Offshore Component Systems
  • Conversion of Drilling Rigs and Barges
  • Rig Refurbishment and Repair without Turnkey Services


Pangea provides operations, logistics and craft services to facilitate solutions to independent energy producers and end users, adding alternatives, higher value and overall cost optimization in the Midstream sector of the Oil & Gas business.

Our experience with Project Development, Construction, and Interface Management is complemented with a range of capabilities in manufacturing, repairs, shipyards, maintenance and fabrication.

We strive to be an organization that operates with qualified resources and valuable expertise, striving for excellence. The combination of our human capital, proven processes, continuous training and updated practices to consistently add value to clients, exceeds expectations on a regular basis.

  • New Pipeline Construction & Maintenance
  • Oil and Gas Storage
  • Oil and Gas Field Facilities
  • Compressor/ Pump Stations
  • Field Facility Maintenance
  • Construct Metal Storage Facilities
  • Piping & Structural Fabrication
  • Crane and Rigging Operations


Pangea offers its services and best practice approach to improve operations in today’s downstream Oil & Gas industry, with focus on refining, gas processing and petrochemical developments. Our contribution in this sector of the business consists of offering service solutions that can facilitate the comeback of more profitable processing margins by taking advantage of the low prices of crude and natural gas.

Pangea’s experience with Project Development, Construction, Maintenance and Interface Management are expected to help meet business objectives for profitability, growth and quality in terms of the services that we offer and deliver.

  • ASME Pressure Vessels
  • Installation & Commissioning of Facilities
  • Gas & Liquid Train Installation
  • Compressor Installation
  • Slug Catcher Installation
  • Pipe Rack Fabrication and Installation
  • Scaffolding
  • Manufacture Process Skids and Compressors
  • Decommissioning Facilities
  • Offsite Pipe Fabrication
  • Design and Manufacture Process Modules

Marine Construction

Pangea provides a comprehensive gamma of marine and construction services, which aim to exceed today’s business standards, while performing consistently and better than the competition. We constantly invest in human capital and as the competitive platform to offer outstanding services that are unmatched in our competitive arena in terms of the cost/ benefit obtained from the business relationship and quality of our operations.

  • New Ship Construction and Repair
  • Tug and Barge Construction and Repair
  • Construction and Conversions of Drill Rigs
  • Mobile Vessel Repair
  • Topside Repair
  • Custom Marine Fabrication
  • Platform Construction
  • Crane and Ship Foundation Installation
  • Crane Pedestal
  • Tanks
  • Liquid Terminals
  • Bulk Terminals
  • Wharves
  • Piers
  • Docks (Dry Docks and Graving Docks)
  • Breasting Structures
  • Demolition

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