Industrial Construction

Pangea provides a comprehensive array of industrial construction services. Our focus rests on new design, installation, and repair projects for the Petrochemical, Marine Construction, and Manufacturing industries. We pride ourselves as a client-focused solution provider, engaging in projects from conception to completion in compliance with quality, health, and safety regulations. For each project, we delegate field coordinators and safety representatives to accompany our tradesmen for logistic support to ensure client satisfaction and timely completion of projects.

Commercial Construction

Pangea provides new construction, renovations, and demolition services across a wide array of industries. For each industry, our focus is not just to build a structure, but an identity for that community. We are both client focused and end-user focused, ensuring our final product provides a foundation of quality and safety, on schedule and on budget. Regardless of the size of the project or the scope of work, Pangea engages every construction project as a unique opportunity and tailors our services to conform to the specifics of each one. We aim to optimize the construction process through vertical and horizontal building and new technologies that will create sustainable, efficient facilities.

Civil Construction

We provide new construction and renovation services to support urban development. Our main focus is on infrastructure and transportation facilities, the drivers that propel our communities into motion. For each project, we assess not only the construction area, but also the impact on surrounding locations to ensure minimal effect on traffic and commerce. With a thorough analysis of each project, Pangea aims to provide safety, quality, and an honest approach at communication with applicable local, state, and federal agencies to streamline project completion on schedule and on budget.


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